PowerStep Memory Foam Insoles



The PowerStep® Pinnacle Memory Foam full length insoles offer the same support as our popular Pinnacle style, but with added ShockAbsorb Premium Memory Foam for those with sensitive feet. The Pinnacle Memory Foam full length insoles with built-in neutral arch support and two layers of plush cushioning are the perfect balance of comfort and support. The plush memory foam layer is a slow-recovery foam that conforms to the shape of the foot for added comfort and pressure relief, alleviating pain associated with fat pad atrophy/degeneration. The Pinnacle Memory Foam insoles feature the signature PowerStep arch shape that cradles the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control to limit excess stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.

  • Top Cover:  Odor control polyester top fabric, royal blue with pattern
  • Arch:  Semi-rigid polypropylene support shell
  • Dual Layer Cushioning:  ShockAbsorb™ Premium Memory Foam top layer, lime green; EVA base, royal blue