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arrow "Hello -

I recently bought a pair of Stonefly slip-ons to wear on a trip to celebrate
my grandparents' 70th Anniversary (the both eloped at age 18, in Oklahoma

Like the rest of my Walk Shop shoes, they were very comfortable from the
first wearing. The slip-on style made going through security at the airport
easier, and I wore them accompanying my grandparents on their daily stroll
through the neighborhood.

Just wanted to let you know that I love your shop and staff. It's always a
very pleasant experience, and the quality of your shoes represent terrific
value, providing durable comfort for a long time.

Thank you,
Drew Ward"

arrow "Dear Just a quick note to let you know I ordered a pair of Beautifeel shoes on the phone tonite with the manager- Stu. He was extremely helpful and very professional. Your web site is very user friendly and easy to use. I am a podiatrist in the Washington,DC area and will be recommending your site to my patients. Jessica (my dog who ate my current Beautifeel shoe) eagerly awaits the arrival of the shoes so she can be let out of the dog house!!

Thank you, Deena C., DPM)"

arrow "Hi, Robert. I want to tell you a short story, if you don't mind.

On Dec. 3, 1970, there was a young teenager in SC that was involved in a car accident. She sustained very serious injuries and almost didn't make it. She was hospitalized many times and had many surgical procedures throughout the next four or five years. The most lasting result was severe injuries to one foot. That foot was crushed and after many years passed it was more than one size shorter than the other foot. It was thicker, too, than the other foot. The many injuries also resulted in her not being able to walk on anything that wasn't extremely soft and she couldn't even walk barefoot except on the very thickest, plushest carpet. Over the years it grew more and more difficult for her to find shoes that fit both feet and didn't hurt so badly she couldn't wear them. After the accident she was in, her life changed in many ways. She had to change her academic pursuits after high school from nursing, which requires standing a lot, to business/human services. She could no longer be active and participate in sports and had to change her interests to more sedate things. That, along with a hearty appetite, resulted in massive weight gain, also.

On Oct. 3, 2000, at the age of 45, she decided something had to be done and underwent gastric bypass surgery, which resulted in her losing 113 lbs and she now wears a size 10, down from a 26-28. Her shoe size also went down. One thing this woman had always wanted was a pair of boots. She was never able to find any because of her weight gain and the injuries to her foot. Her feet were also very, very wide. She began to despair of ever being able to wear attractive shoes again. Finding simple pumps big enough for the uninjured foot yet not so large they would fall off the injured foot was a mammoth task.

In 1989 this woman married and moved to Alaska, where there are almost no shoes in wide widths. She ordered shoes from everywhere, but none would accommodate her injured foot. One day she was shopping on internet and came upon a site selling shoes in wide widths. She took a chance and ordered a pair of boots, knowing in her heart they would have to be returned and even trying to cancel the order after she tried a boot from the same line that wasn't wide enough. As luck would have it, the boots had already been shipped which meant she would just have to pay more shipping charges for returning them.
One day she came home from her job as a caseworker in the local welfare office. It was her wedding anniversary and the Christmas season, too. Her husband told her she had a box in the living room to open before their dinner reservation.

After opening the outer box and seeing what it was she almost didn't open the box inside. However, being the eternal optimist that she is, she did open the box. She found that Santa had come to Alaska early. She now has a pair of boots that fit and feel wonderful. She paid a lot more attention to the boots than she did the sapphire ring, earrings and bracelet her husband gave her for her anniversary. Robert, you have fulfilled a dream of a teenage girl that lasted over 30 years.

I can't thank you enough for having these boots and having already shipped them when I tried to cancel the order. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

With sincere thanks, Anne in Alaska"

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