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Offers orthotics, comfort sandals and orthopedic shoes. In walking, there is a 45 degree strike angle, in running a 30 degree strike angle. In walking, greater dwell time, ( the length of time foot is on the ground) In walking, small impact area, in running larger impact area. In walking, full toe-off extension, in running partial toe off. So, a walking shoe needs to have an outsole designed for greater flexibility and durability to counteract the larger strike angle, smaller impact area, and extended toeoff of walking. Also, a walking shoe needs to have a sturdier midsole designed to reduce the impact/strike forces of walking, and to achieve the maximum cushioning, and shock absorption. Also the midsole and outsole need to be designed with a kind of rocker profile to enhance the rolling motion of walking, rather than the springing motion of running. Counter and shank need to be stronger to compensate for the smaller impact area, and larger strike angle of walking, and to support the longitudinal arch during the greater dwell time of walking. What makes a good walking shoe? A good walking shoe incorporates a number of important elements, but first and foremost is a good fit! Look for a shoe whose shape approximates the shape of you own foot. To ensure correct arch fit, the widest part of the shoe, should be at the widest part of your foot-at the ball joint. To ensure correct toe length , on weight bearing, check the length at the longest toe on the longest foot and be sure to leave a little room at the end.


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comfort sandals

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