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Offers beautifeel, dansko as well as womens dress shoes. My work requires me to wear some type of dress shoe, pump or slip-on. What can I wear? Of course, if you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to e-mail it to us, or you can phone us at 510-849-3628. We'll look forward to hearing from you! Do you resole or repair shoes? Yes, several of our key manufacturing partners offer resole, or refurbishment programs. Ecco, Clarks of England, Mephisto, Rockport and others. Please check with us for specific detail on how this works. Do you have a mailing list? No not at this time. Although we will be glad to let you know when something you are looking for comes in. Do you have a catalog? Since our new site has launched, we've had a large number of requests for our catalog. We actually consider our web site to be our catalog, the advantage being that our catalog updates itself almost every week. You don't have to be put on a mailing list to receive it, and if you move, it moves with you (it also won't clutter up your coffee table). Of course, our new site doesn't feature every shoe available in our store, but it does feature all the top selling brands like Ecco, Mephisto, Rieker, and more.

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