men’s women’s casual walking comfortable footwear wide width

Offers wide width men’s and women’s casual walking comfortable footwear. Store Information How do I get to your store? What's your phone number? What's your mailing address? What are your store's hours? Do you resole or otherwise repair shoes? Do you have a mailing list? Do you have a catalog and why don't you list prices? When is your next sale? Why should I shop at your store instead of somewhere else? Is there a Walk Shop in my area? Are you a chain? What is your return policy? How do I order? Your Merchandise What type of shoes do you sell? What's the difference between a walking shoe and a running shoe or a sneaker? What makes a good walking shoe? Do you sell leather soled shoes? Do you sell any shoes not made of leather? Do you have shoes that are attractive as well as comfortable that I can wear for work or dress? Difficult To Fit Feet I have extra wide feet. Can you fit me? I have serious problems with my feet. Can you fit me? Why does it seem so hard to get widths in shoes? I have a narrow heel. Do you have shoes with "dual lasts"? Fitting Shoes With Orthotics I have orthotics. Can you fit me? Does my shoe size remain the same with an orthotic? What brand of shoe is best for an orthotic? Can I wear some type of summer sandal with my orthotic?

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