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Your Merchandise  Difficult To Fit Feet  Fitting Shoes With Orthotics  Of course, if you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to e-mail it to us, or you can phone us at 510-849-3628. We'll look forward to hearing from you! 

Do you have a mailing list? Yes! We've started a quarterly newsletter. You can email to be added. 

Do you have a catalog? Since our new site has launched, we've had a large number of requests for our catalog. We actually consider our web site to be our catalog, the advantage being that our catalog updates itself almost every week. You don't have to be put on a mailing list to receive it, and if you move, it moves with you (it also won't clutter up your coffee table). Of course, our new site doesn't feature every shoe available in our store, but it does feature all the top selling brands like Ecco, Mephisto, Rieker, and more. And as time passes, you can be sure that you'll find more and more shoes posted here.  Also, we have been asked by our vendors not to list prices and we feel obliged to honor those requests.  If you have a question about a price, e-mail it to us.

When is your next sale? Sorry, we don't hold store wide sales. But if you visit the store we always have a small group of discontinued shoes on closeout. 

Why should I shop at your store instead of somewhere else? The Walk Shop in Berkeley was the first walking footwear specialty store to open in the US; responding to a need for an independent shop with a broad selection of technically advanced shoes with attractive appearance, incorporating orthopedic design elements, to enhance the joys of walking. Every Saturday morning an hour before the store opens, our staff gathers to hear a presentation by an expert in some aspect of the shoe business. The meeting might feature a podiatrist explaining how to help customers with special needs, a senior staff member sharpening the staff¹s fitting skills, a manufacturer¹s representative discussing the technical features of a new shoe line. This ongoing education program is just one part of our effort to ensure that you receive knowledgeable, friendly assistance that meets all of your needs. We¹ve been in the shoe business for three generations. We know how important it is to fit you with a shoe that will give you years of comfort, function, and style. Our staff is carefully trained to deal with any special fitting requirements. They will assist you in selecting the best pattern for your foot, and they are fully prepared to make whatever adjustments are necessary to assure foot comfort. 

Is there The Walk Shop in my area? No, we are not a chain. We have only one store in Berkeley, California. Although we do have an international reputation, we feel that in order to offer the exceptional level of service we do; we need to be "hands on" managers who can give our customers the superior level of service they deserve. 

What is your return policy? You may return your purchase within 14 days of the arrival of your shoes. Shoes must be returned in new condition (unworn) and must be accompanied by the receipt. If there is a defect, the shoes will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Sale items, and styles or colors that we do not stock, are final sales.

How do I order? You can order using several methods: (1) with our secure online ordering system by adding the items you want to your shopping cart(temporarily suspended); (2) by sending us an email with your telephone number, and the best time for us to contact you. Specify the size and styles in which you are interested and we'll get back to you usually within 24 hours, saving you a toll call, or (3) by calling us at (510) 849-3628 with your Visa or Mastercard ready.  We're available to take your order from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday, and from 11am to 5pm on Sundays (all times are Pacific Standard).

Your Merchandise 

What type of shoes do you sell? We sell a complete range of footwear for all purposes. We cover career-comfort, dress-comfort, casual, walking, rugged walking, light hiking, leisure. This includes pumps, casual and dress straps, sandals, demi boots, clogs, athleisure, slippers, oxfords, slip-ons, and boots-dress and casual. Here are the features we look for in every shoe we carry: Shock absorbing soles, and cushioned insoles provide a supportive base while protecting spine and joints. Anatomically designed footbeds, support and cushion your foot¹s arches and joints. Flexibility, for perfect conformity to your foot as it bends and flexes. Light weight to reduce fatigue. Rich natural soft leathers to provide maximum breathability and conformity to your foot. Fuller toe characters, with adequate depth, to give your toes room to wiggle. 

What¹s the difference between a walking shoe and a running shoe or sneaker? From a biomechanical point of view there are a number of fundamental differences between walking and running, all of which have implications for shoe design. In walking, there is a rolling motion, in running there is a springing motion. In walking, there is a 45 degree strike angle, in running a 30 degree strike angle. In walking, greater dwell time, ( the length of time foot is on the ground) In walking, small impact area, in running larger impact area. In walking, full toe-off extension, in running partial toe off. So, a walking shoe needs to have an outsole designed for greater flexibility and durability to counteract the larger strike angle, smaller impact area, and extended toeoff of walking. Also, a walking shoe needs to have a sturdier midsole designed to reduce the impact/strike forces of walking, and to achieve the maximum cushioning, and shock absorption. Also the midsole and outsole need to be designed with a kind of rocker profile to enhance the rolling motion of walking, rather than the springing motion of running. Counter and shank need to be stronger to compensate for the smaller impact area, and larger strike angle of walking, and to support the longitudinal arch during the greater dwell time of walking. 

What makes a good walking shoe? A good walking shoe incorporates a number of important elements, but first and foremost is a good fit! Look for a shoe whose shape approximates the shape of you own foot. To ensure correct arch fit, the widest part of the shoe, should be at the widest part of your foot-at the ball joint. To ensure correct toe length , on weight bearing, check the length at the longest toe on the longest foot and be sure to leave a little room at the end. Be especially careful of shoes that slope or narrow at the toe, to leave extra toe room! Look for flexibility at the ball of the foot, but not at the arch. Look for cushioning at the ball of the foot and at the heel. Look for a broad base, that will give you stability. Look for a shoe that is built to offer sufficient arch support; not just an arch cookie (foam pad inserted under arch to give support) many shoes today are built from the ground up with molded sole and footbed to offer complete anatomic support. Look for full rounded toe character, with sufficient height of the toe box. Look for leathers that are soft enough to accommodate your foot and any problems you may have. 

Do you sell leather soled shoes? No, we feel strongly that a good walking shoe must absorb the shock of our harsh world of hard concrete and pavement. All our shoes have a resilient, shock absorbing sole. 

Do you sell any shoes not made of leather? All our shoes are made of natural leather, as we feel this is the only material that promotes proper foot healthŠleather wicks moisture away from the foot, and releases it through the pores. Leather is also the only material that conforms to the shape of your foot, and retains this custom shape. 

Do you have shoes that are attractive as well as comfortable that I can wear for work or dress? Most definitely! In Europe , where people are long accustomed to walking everywhere, a quiet revolution in footwear is taking place. A select group of high quality manufacturers is developing new shoe designs that combine elegance and refinement with hidden comfort features. Utilizing both traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology, these manufacturers are creating new lines of shoes that are both beautiful and practical. We believe this development is long overdue. We are now introducing these fine fashion-comfort shoes to the U.S., with tremendous success. We are also influencing some of our domestic manufacturers to follow this lead, so we can offer you fashion + comfort in sizes and widths!

Difficult To Fit Feet 

I have extra wide feet. Can you fit me? Yes we can! Because of our tremendous selection of European comfort shoes, which are built on a European F, G, or H last (wide to extra wide), and because of our selection of domestic shoes available in wide and extra wide fittings we offer one of the best selections in the U.S. of wider fittings in all categories from casual to dress. We also have a number of shoes with an oblique (broad, outflared, or squared) toe character. 

I have serious problems with my feet. Can you fit me? Yes, we can. We have professionally trained shoe fitters with years of experience in fitting problem feet. We carry an assortment of shoes built on lasts orthopedically designed to accommodate problem feet. We offer exceptionally soft leathers to accommodate bunions, hammertoes, diabetes and other problems. We offer shoes with anatomic footbeds, extra support and cushioning to accommodate heels spurs, pronation, and other common problems. Most of all we offer you the confidence in knowing that you can trust us to provide you with the true service based on know how, to help you solve your problems. 

Why does it seem so hard to get widths in shoes? There are three principal reasons for this: First, the decline of American shoe manufacturing, resulting in the loss of shoe manufacturing and component suppliers geared for producing multiple fittings. Second, the rise of athletic shoes to a dominant position in the marketplace, which has conditioned buyers to expect only one width. Third, the decline of the full service family shoe store, and rise of the self service mass merchandiser to the preeminent position in the American marketplace. But The Walk Shop can help you. We represent three generations of footwear fitting professionals. We work closely with American footwear manufacturers to develop exceptional fitting shoes, in a wide variety of sizes and widths. And we offer a great selection of wide and extra wide fittings form our European manufacturers. 

I have a narrow heel. Do you have shoes with combination lasts? Yes, we offer standard combination lasts on all our domestic shoes. Heel fittings are two widths narrower than the ball of foot fitting. This will be designated as for example: B/AA. We also offer some shoes such as our Munro American brand which have developed a unique combination last which is three widths narrower at the heel!

Fitting Shoes With Orthotics 

I have orthotics. Can you fit me? Yes, many of our customers wear orthotics and have found a selection of shoes that work with them. We have many shoes with the extra depth required to accommodate an orthotic, and many with a removable footbed, that can be taken out and replaced with your prescription orthosis. Here are a few of the commonly asked questions concerning orthotics: 

Does my shoe size remain the same with an orthotic? No, due to the thickness of the orthotic, your size will change. 

What brand of shoe is best for an orthotic? Your Podiatrist may suggest one or more brand names as a starting point, but there is no single brand that works best for everyone, for all purposes. Many brands must be evaluated by the Professional Shoe Fitter in order to provide you with the best fit, to serve your needs. 

Can I wear some type of summer sandal with my orthotic? Yes, there are some types of functional adjustable strap sandals with a recessed footbed, that will accommodate an orthotic.

My work requires me to wear some type of dress shoe, pump or slip-on. What can I wear? Since all pumps loosen over time, we strongly recommend selecting a fashionable "strap pump" which is basically a pump profile with the added support of a strap. Certain strap shoes will accept an orthotic and still provide an important measure of firm support. Another alternative is a dressy tie, or demi-boot.

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